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      nokia图片:Hangzhou Night online rebirth grill meal before dawn ushered in a small peak外汇管理局服务热线Severalissuespleatorecognizepenaltysentcingrecommdation,Hangzhou Night "online rebirth" grill meal before dawn ushered in a small peak 20 riders ran a single night, eat your food goods home network Red and grill in the morning ushered in a small peak dining Night "line of rebirth", Internet elongated Hangzhou night our reporter Chen Jie Zhu Yinling / Li Xiang text / photo the plum of Hangzhou, has entered the high-temperature grill mode.Night, but did not therefore calm.11:00 midnight, west Intime City has closed its doors.Dim lighting Square shopping center, Zhou Zhili sitting on a bench brush phone, ding-dong, the list came, he three-step and two-step, one breath ran up the floor, get the package from the dining area to take a good green tea takeaway.After 10 minutes, the matrix international office in Ho overtime eat the small fish.This point, along the west has been Yuhang toro, net red snack shop in Ho Chi old house door, eat the goods are still a long queue just to oysters pressure cooker pot.Until four oclock, the clerk finally found time to sit down and ate a take-away sea fishing together.Boil the deepest night, eating the most delicious supper.Fangjie, Shengli River Food Street.In addition to these classic pedestrian street night market, young people also fell in love with the phone in the "night market".With the Internet, we went looking for a low-key hidden nook and cranny of the food; in take-away, a la carte meals a few kilometers away.Behind the nighttime consumption steaming, Hangzhou is constantly stimulate business vitality.Take eat, in what reputation the night hungry food consumption activity in the city rankings, Hangzhou ranked second, behind Magic City of Shanghai.In the US group platform, in the first half of this year, Hangzhou night takeaway orders rose by 45.6%, ranking No. 1 in Zhejiang.Supper no longer make downtown the welfare takeaway food goods home network red eat supper time back seven or eight years ago, the word is still king chubby young head, had never been seen as a typical representative of his fellow men so "copy bit child": "the first company arrived near the girlfriend for dinner and then transferred to field Paul Chu bar the road, the last supper in nearby Long Yu Hong, a bar if they do not, go to the new film distance , go east on the way to eat barbecue."After supper, Wang chubby reluctant to fight handlebar girlfriend back home, back to his own car again."Girlfriend was rent in Riverside, but delicious fun place in the main city, a night light fare back and forth going to play more than one hundred dollars."In retrospect a little heartache Wang chubby remember.Those two years, in addition to Paul Chu Road, East Road, the famous punch their own supper also the Shengli River Food Street, Huanglong stall, Zhoushan Road, Riverside garbage street, a hundred wells Square Lane.Today, because some supper to urban construction, environmental remediation because some, gradually turned off, but more people spending habits changed, there is a way to change.No longer eat supper downtown welfare goods.It was found that those networks around flowering red snack shop in Hangzhou, take-away food goods make too lazy to go out and enjoy at home gluttonous opportunities.Recently, word of mouth hungry yet released "Night of Hangzhou economic data" shows: Driven by new consumer takeaway and so on, Binjiang District, Yuhang District, and other "non-heart" Night economy is to "turn overtaking", both inside and outside the region to sell consumption growth has surpassed the downtown area.Despite the central city Riverside area, Lake District, and is still under the city of Hangzhou and other "night owl" gatherings, over 5 percent consumption happen here, but in Chunan, Jiande line Night consumption is weak region, also began to catch up.Hungry yet data show that in order supper, Chunan, Jiande and business degree is Xiaoshan residents prefer night takeaway top three counties.Hangzhou line is not closing after midnight supper consumption increased 50 percent saying goes, "man does not earn money in June," now these days is take away the little brother Zhou Zhili busiest time of the year: 9 am on the line, often busy until 2:00 to call it a day."Cool evenings, and less pedestrians, run faster than usual during the day, a single 2 dollars can pay more subsidies."Zhou Zhili is 90, eight years ago came from his home in Hangzhou, Anhui, three years ago to join the US Mission.He told reporters that he can receive a day on average more than 40 orders, 20 of which run single supper, accounted for nearly half.And like him ran supper riders, the site where hes had nearly 30 people."In 2017, the largest single supper to midnight, 2020, we had to go to 2:00, busy not stop."Zhou Zhili and his little friends are now using a shift system, some 12 people from work, and the remaining 2:00 to work, so that we can ensure there is enough time to rest.He told reporters, a clear feeling that the past two years, supper takeaway increasing year by year, the battle becomes longer."This year, basically to 0:00 every meal, there will be a small peak traffic after 7:00 dinner that wave.And compared to last year, we can clearly feel the want to eat better and play more late."According to Hangzhou, a barbecue shop owner Lee owner, its management barbecue brand in Hangzhou, there are four stores every year from May to October is the peak season of consumption, it will be open from 17:00 to 5:00 the next morning.Today, Mr. Li grill hungry only be able to sell it and other take-away platform nearly ten thousand strings, sales grew over 90%, while per capita consumption rose by 17% over the same period last year.Hungry yet data show that people in Hangzhou after 21 in the morning from 5:00 to this period, take-away orders chain surge 50%; from time preference point of view, from 5:00 until the next day when the consumer the enthusiasm was significantly higher than last year, which also makes the orders accounted for the share of the all-day period compared with last year an increase of nearly two percentage points, the rest of the night signs of active consumption significantly.In the US group platform, Hangzhou Wang supper in the first half of a total of 458 single-point, the user should eat dinner late, but also eat supper friend.Supper on this matter, and lonely people just the opposite of Shanghai, Hangzhou, more like two people together, the two men selected to eat one more than the 38%.Crayfish dishes from Anhui to Hangzhou and lo supper, getting heavier and heavier mouth lobster pots on the table, bright red shrimp red overflowing, rich soup floated into the nose, puffed already feel bright.After some sucking, peeled shrimp, dipped in a sauce dip into your mouth, it is an spicy delicious, no one can resist the temptation.Prior to 2014, the streets of Hangzhou has not so many small lobster shop, noodle shop is also at ease doing face.Complex Mao crayfish there are a variety of flavors, Shi Sanxiang, braised, fragrance, grilled onions.Ate goods are greedy, like at supper time to re-mao had fun.Go head to tendons crayfish, although lacking a sense of ritual but also enough mouth addiction.Since then, the prevalence of crayfish.By 2015, all the way to the Second Road from this period, a total of 20 restaurants, 17 sell crayfish.That year, the famous lobster lobster shop price all Pobai.Liang Big Mama of the best lobster of 440 yuan / copy, conventional 288 yuan / copies; Jiangmen lobster Shih Tzu, 148 yuan / copies; Zhang Hu Lis signature lobster sold 265 yuan a large portion.Today, the major occupation of crayfish snack stalls, looking ahead on all platforms takeaway crayfish figure.And because the phase supper market, with crayfish rivalry, as well as the major platform spicy lo lo, even made dinner weekdays chain restaurant brands.Push forward a few years, Hangzhou people who want to fill their stomach in the middle of the night, probably the first choice would be seafood stall, Anhui cuisine roadside, stalls.But now, more and more convenient Hangzhou supper, taste and heavier.Zhou Zhili told reporters earlier this year, Intime west of the city of green tea also started supper.10:00 every night, dine-end, after the waiter from work, cook supper debut."They have some family barbecue, and grilled fish, grilled meat, very popular."Interestingly, the US group on the platform, under a single supper boys than girls 10%.